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Registration is now closed for

CLEO 2015 Six-Week Pre-Law Summer Institute

2015 Six-Week Pre-Law Summer Institute Date and Location:
June 7 - July 18, 2015

The University of Mississippi School of Law


Early Registration ended November 30, 2014

The Application Deadline was March 15, 2015



                             High Standards 

Commitment to Excellence

Successful Environment


Want to be prepared for law school?  Then the CLEO Six-Week Pre-Law Summer Institute is for you.  Designed to "demystify" the law school experience, the institute simulates the first year of law school. Preparation builds self-assurance and participants enter law school more confident in their ability to succeed. 

A full-time program, held on a law school campus during June and July, the Institute is both rigorous and demanding.

The Institute focuses on legal methods and techniques that help to develop students’ abstract thinking, analysis, and synthesizing skills. The Institute has an impressive track record of success.  Nearly 9,000 diverse and/or economically disadvantaged students have been oriented to law school through the Institutes since 1968. More than 90% of the students who attend the institute enter law school in the fall.


2014 CLEO Fellows at The University of Mississippi School of Law

Who is eligible to participate?

CLEO recruits individuals who have a strong desire to join the legal profession. Applicants must have obtained a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university prior to the start of the summer institute.  Applicants also must be eligible to attend an ABA-approved law school at the completion of the program.

What about my GPA and LSAT score?

Many students with marginal LSAT scores and GPAs would not be admitted to law school without the assistance of CLEO. While CLEO Pre-Law Summer Institute participants must meet pre-determined academic requirements, CLEO recognizes and considers the numerous challenges that applicants have overcome in pursuit of their goal to attend law school.

Although CLEO may be liberal with respect to academic eligibility, it is unlikely that a student with marginal LSAT scores and GPA will be selected without a recommendation from a CLEO Partner School or Supporting/Sustaining Institution (PSSI).

How do law schools recommend applicants for the CLEO program?

Although there is a rolling admission policy, CLEO will send your name to law schools that appear on your application. Any of those law schools may choose to make recommendations. Therefore it is very important that an applicant correctly identifies the law schools to which he/she will apply.


2013 CLEO Fellows at Georgia State University College of Law

How many students are selected and how much does it cost?

The law school will host 50 students. The cost is $2,000, which includes dorm housing, food, books, and materials for six weeks. There are a few low-income seats at a cost of $700.

The CLEO Institute will consist of both students already accepted into law school and students who may need placement assistance. In fact, on average 70% of the participants have already been admitted or conditionally admitted to law school prior to the start of the program.

When will applicants be selected?

CLEO is competitive. Each year, the program receives more than 300 applications. CLEO has a rolling admission policy. The CLEO early decision enables applicants who apply by November 30, 2014, to receive “early admit” status. If selected, you will be notified by January 31, 2015.  The regular applicant pool will be selected before May 2015.

When is the deadline for applications?

All applications must be submitted by March 15, 2015

How do I get started?

Applicants for admission to the CLEO Six-week Pre-Law Summer Institute should:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university earned prior to the start of the CLEO Six-Week Pre-Law Summer Institute
  • Obtain LSAT scores and CAS subscription from In order for CLEO to receive your Law School Admission Council (LSAC) report, please apply to LSAC.  On the LSAC application, you will go to the school list which is in alphabetical order.  On the list you will see a line titled "non-member schools."  Under non-member schools select "Council on Legal Education Opportunity."
  • Be prepared to upload a typed, double-spaced personal statement
  • Apply online by March 15, 2015, for the Six-Week Pre-Law Summer Institute
  • Pay a nonrefundable $30 application fee as part of the online application; only credit/debit cards are accepted. No fee waivers will be granted.
  • Apply to at least one CLEO Consortium Partner School or Supporting/Sustaining Institution
  • Return the Student Aid Report (low-income applicants only) by March 30, 2015. Only, if you are accepted into the CLEO Six-Week Pre-Law Summer Institute, will low-income applicants onlybe requested to submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) from

Note: Any changes in application information after its initial submission should be addressed in writing to the CLEO Director of Prelaw Program Operations or sent by e-mail to

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